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Do you need repair experts who can do window and glass repair services? We are a professional company that provides top-notch window consultation and repair in Henderson, NV. Call Ace Windows today, get your free quote, and let us help you with your window repair projects.



Does your window glass have visible cracks? Or maybe a part of your window frame has problems with the seal? Ace Windows in Henderson, NV, can undoubtedly help you. We are one of the best window services professionals, providing high-caliber window repair services and exceptional customer service in Nevada.

We understand that your windows are more than just a structural element in architecture. It plays a vital role in your everyday living conditions. Windows can be vulnerable to damage without proper maintenance and regular cleaning. Moreover, harsh weather and typical wear-and-tear can worsen your windows’ condition.

Trust your window repair project with us.
We are window service professionals you can count on. Let us help you with your window repair project. We will restore our window’s energy efficiency and ability to provide you security and protection.



Every window problem has its unique solution. For example, a simple broken glass could have resulted from various reasons and must be approached using a specific method. Ace Windows is a professional window repair Henderson, NV provider with in-depth experience in handling all types of windows. From traditional to modern windows.

We will consider everything to determine if we can save your windows through our innovative window repair Henderson techniques or if we need to recommend window replacement already.

Energy Efficiency and Functionality
Ace Windows highly regards your windows’ energy efficiency and functionality. We understand that both factors decrease their rating when your window ages. When you notice that your utility bills are higher than usual, you can expect that your windows might be the culprit, and it is time for a pro company to assess if they can still be repaired.

Ace Windows finds ways to repair broken window frames or just replace window glass, instead of doing a total window replacement.

Service Costs
Home window repair services and window replacement costs vary depending on the number of windows that need treatment. In most cases, window repair is much cheaper than if you totally replace window glass, frames, and other components. For example, repairing modern windows requires fewer materials and labor than replacing the window structure.

Ace Windows offers affordable window repair Henderson and glass replacement services without compromising the outcome.

Window Aesthetics
A high-quality window glass and framing can improve the aesthetics of your property’s curb appeal, which ultimately boosts the overall look and even the property value of your house or office. Regular maintenance can help windows to be more durable, increasing their functionality and also appearance.
Should I repair or replace window glass?
Ace Windows is dedicated to preparing your broken window, restoring it to its original charm. We can also fix or replace glass windows, wood frame, vinyl frame, and many more. Whatever window problem you have, it is best to have professional home improvement providers handle it. Ace Windows can help you decide, based on the factors above, which window service to take. Talk to Ace Windows’ representative today, and let us guide you on choosing the exemplary service for your windows.
Window Repair


Ace Windows is a locally-owned windows and glass repair and replacement company. We handle home repair, replacement window installation, and many more. Our materials include an insulated glass unit, weather-resistant vinyl, treated wood, and metals.

We also supply and install replacement parts in Henderson and the whole of Nevada. Our customers are our highest priority. Speak with Ace Windows today and learn more about what we can offer.



Ace Windows puts up our putty knife, sash weights, and repair apron to various customers in Henderson, including homeowners, business owners, and government agencies. Our dedication is to restore and fix different kinds of window problems.

Have a glimpse of how we do home repair based on popular window types in Nevada and what makes Ace Windows different from the rest.

Wood Double Hung Window Repairs

One of the most typical windows that we repair are double-hung wood windows. We fix or replace sashes, corner joints, and parting beads. Realignment of edges, counterbalance weights in sash, locks, and stop beads are also our specialty.

Our expert team can also include the installation of chains, balancers, new ropes, and oil lubrication to your entire window as part of our services.

Steel Casement Window Repair
Steel casement windows are becoming a trend in commercial and office buildings in Nevada. It is one of the easiest types of windows to install, replace, and repair. Our team can grind and sand steel frames to allow perfect refitting to your structure, allowing to increase the seal and prevent drafts. We can also do lubrication of hinges using Lithium grease as necessary.

Ace Windows can also replace the lower steel rail, but each material will be quoted separately from the original estimates.

Wood Casement Window Repairs
The Ace Windows team also consists of experts who fix broken glass panes for wood casement windows and reinforce misaligned hinges and loose joints. We can also do window balance repair and refitting sashes to prepare for other home renovation activities, such as wall repainting.

We also install weather-stripping, outdoor copper, and open weep holes as necessary. If your sashes are beyond repair upon assessment, mainly because of termite infestation, we might recommend total window replacement.

Modern Window Repairs
Another typical request that the Ace Windows team receives is to repair modern windows. We often come in for service when the warranties are finished, and the costs from other providers are too expensive.

Again, we offer the most cost-effective solutions, which makes people come for our services. We can repair or do the replacement of modern window parts, including balances, locks, cranks, rollers, and hinges.

Window Repair
Ace Windows is your best choice in repairing your broken window, misaligned hinges, or simply for an application of new glazing. We offer affordable and professional glass and window services in Henderson. Reach out to us today and let us explain more of the services we offer.


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Ace Windows helps to improve your window’s energy efficiency, functionality, and appearance. Our team can ensure that the job we do is high quality. You can depend on us to fix your house windows in no time.
Q: Besides window repair and replacement, what are the other services that you can offer?
A: We can also supply and install your new screen windows, paint windows, source specialty parts from various hardware and construction shops.


Ask us questions

Ace Windows helps to improve your window’s energy efficiency, functionality, and appearance.

Our team can ensure that the job we do is high quality. You can depend on us to fix your house windows in no time.

Q: Where in Nevada do you provide your window repair services?
A: We provide window repair, new window installation, and replacement in Henderson and its neighboring cities like Las Vegas and Boulder City.
Q: What are the specific tools you use when repairing windows?
A: We use bare wood, sharp utility knife, putty knife, sash weights, wire brush, and many more. Depending on the need, we also use innovative equipment to ensure the balance and seal of your windows.
Q: Are there window services that you do not offer?
A: Yes. We do not offer window paint stripping, glazing putty replacement, modern screen application, and window repainting.

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