Window Repair 101: Fix A Window Cracked By Frost

Apr 6, 2022

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Depending on the damage, window repair takes time, and replacement can take six to eight weeks until completion. The worst possible scenario comes during extreme weather when temperatures drop below. It can freeze the day and even break your window. You might think of just taping it up, but that will not surely do much to keep your home warm longer.

Windows can develop frost when the cold air from the outside cools your window’s glass. It starts to cause condensation when the warmer air inside your home comes in contact with the window. The moisture can freeze if the outside temperature is cold enough. It can cause damage to the wood and surrounding paint of your windows, which can even result in costly repair and window replacements.

Until you can get a professional to deal with your problem, here are a few window repair DIY tips that you can take to protect your home from elements and keep it warm.

How to Fix a Window Cracked by Frost

Step 1: Damage Assessment

Assessing the damage is the first thing you must do when your window breaks. It will help you determine the severity of the problem and lead you to a possible solution. For instance, a broken window pane is easier to fix than a damaged frame. If you are determined to do it yourself, you can install it easily since it does not usually require significant expertise. It is sometimes faster than waiting for a professional window repair service to be available.

If you have unusual window pane sizing and custom windows, it can be more difficult for you to find what you need in stores. It is best to contact a professional who can measure, order and cut a glass that perfectly fits your window in situations like this. However, it might take a few days, so you should board up your window temporarily to keep out the cold.

Lastly, if you have a window frame problem, you must call a professional to do the window repair job for you. Wooden windows are usually prone to rotting over time and are most loved by termites. The sun can also cause the wood casings to crack. A complete replacement is necessary for situations like this or if you have a damaged window pane made from a different material. Painting your wooden windows every few years can help in preserving the wood. However, be sure not to seal up your windows with extra paint while doing the project.

Step 2: Consider Window Repair or Replacement

Another factor that will affect the length of time to have window repair or replacement is the type of your home’s siding. It might take longer to install a new window in brick or stucco-sided homes compared to a house with James Hardie siding and vinyl. These materials are more complicated to manipulate, so contacting a professional to repair your window is the best.

When you need to replace a complete window frame, consider whether or not they will match your home once they are done. Winter cannot be ideal for performing a full window replacement, so consulting repair professionals is the best choice. They can help you order a complete set so that all your windows match and the chance to encounter further window problems is less. You can wait for the completion of your window installation until it becomes warmer so that you won’t be tearing out your windows during the freezing winter season.


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Step 3: Keep Your House Warm

Once you determine the extent of your window’s damage and call a professional to repair it, you will need some measures to keep your house warm until window replacement is done. One of the steps you can do is hang heavy insulating curtains.

If you don’t have any insulating curtains, you can make one yourself by using your things around your house. For those who do not have good sewing skills, you can use a tarp to cover the inside of your window. You may also hang an extra comforter or heavy towels and secure them around your window. It can help in retaining your home’s warmth.

To those who are more into do-it-yourself, they have various options. They make a curtain that has a four-layer window covering. This project requires some inexpensive supplies such as wooden battens and polar fleece. One good thing about this is there’s no sewing involved. Lastly, if you have sewing skills, you may sew a simple curtain using quilt batting and a piece of plain fabric for warmth.

Step 4: Block Your Windows

While waiting for a professional window repair service, you may want to block your window first for everyone’s safety, especially if you have children at home. Momentarily, you may find solutions on how to fix cracked windows. You can pit a multi-sided gate or block it off with your furniture. Putting a shelf, a larger piece of furniture or a high-backed chair in front of your broken window can keep the cold out. Nevertheless, follow-up on your window repair expert to have your windows fixed right away.


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Wrapping it Up

During the winter season, your window frame can be fogged up due to harsh temperature and weather conditions. With this kind of situation, you might need to learn do window repair on your cracked window. However, if you are unsure of the steps you need to take, it is best to avoid tackling the problem yourself. Reaching out to a professional to do the work will cost you less and get the job done faster and more efficiently.

Professionals from Ace Windows deal with your broken window by assessing the situation, measuring your window’s size, and helping in determining the solution. You don’t have to worry—we will get things fixed quickly and efficiently! By putting your window repair at our hands, you can assure that the job is well done with the highest quality standards.

If you need emergency window repair this winter, don’t hesitate to contact Ace Windows. We are a locally-owned company offering reliable and affordable window repairs for broken window glass. Our window repair experts can also do window screen repair, wood window repair, glass replacement, and energy-efficient windows installation services.

We can give you a free quote for the job and the best estimates for the timeline of the window repair services we will make.

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